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  • Little-Angel-with-Flower52e8f4ab495caLoire Valley Angels is operated by Clare Lepetit who lovingly creates hand made angels from wool and sells them around the world. These are not your “common or garden” knitted angels but are effectively one-off woolen sculptures made of a combination of merino wool, silk and other materials.

    As they are hand made, each of these angels is unique and can be made to your own specification, be that colour, type of angel, holding different items (scrolls, flowers, babies etc) and can be personalised to a very high degree. Examples of the angels (and other items that Clare makes) can be seen on our gallery pages accessed by the navigation on the left.

    It’s important to realise that these angels are not toys but keepsakes and make a perfect gift for many occasions or even just to say “thank-you” to a special friend or “I love you” to a loved one.


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