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    Scentral Station, a woman-owned business, began in 2002 and is an emporium of palm wax melts, homemade bath and body products, fragrance oils offered in different sizes, perfumes, a variety of incense products, and handmade cold process soaps.

    Why should you choose Scentral Station over other companies? Compare our products to the "name brands" and you will see that ours are of equal, if not superior, quality. Don't equate our prices with low quality; we spend much time researching to be able to keep our prices low; thus, your hard-earned dollars can go further to purchase more Scentral Station products.

    Have you ever found a website with a great product but no telephone number or contact information other than an email address? You can't even tell where they're shipping from or whom you're really buying from. Do you feel confident with buying that way? We know we don't. We give all contact information and we will respond in a very short time. When you make a purchase from Scentral Station, you can be confident that you're dealing with an established business that you can contact.

    You'll be amazed at how much tranquility can be derived from scent for both body and soul. The use of our exquisite products should be one of your life's daily simple pleasures.

    The economy has been tough for many years now, and we may not be able to afford the big vacations and costly items anymore. We may not be able to afford the expensive gifts for family and friends as we used to. Here's where Scentral Station steps in. Our products are affordable and long-lasting to give much pleasure for both you or your gift recipients who will think of you every time they enjoy their scents.

    Because Scentral Station is an honest company, we do have to warn you: Using our products may be addictive and hazardous to stress.

    Candles, bath and body, fragrance oils, incense and accessories.

    Scentral Station

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