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As a Seller do I have to offer a returns policy?

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Starting a flea market business is the easiest thing one could ever do.  It is easy to set up and a good thing is that it does not require much of the startup capital. But before starting the business, you need to fully understand all the terms and conditions related to it because you will be the jack of all trades and if you will have limited knowledge then you will not be able to get the real advantage of the business.

When you are selling something at the flea market, the customers who buy stuff from you should know everything about your return policy. You must be wondering that should I offer a returns policy or not. Well that depends on the nature of your business. If the flea market will be lasting for a day only, then there won’t be any need of the return policy because even if the customer is not satisfied with the product he or she will not be able to return it back. Sometimes the customers ask for your personal address so that they may return the product. You can simply explain that there won’t be any refunds at any cost.

But if the flea market will be lasting for a week then you can offer the returns policy. Mostly the vendors do not return the money instead they ask the customer to buy something else or in other words replace the product with another.  You must inform the customers that they will have to return the product within the specified days otherwise they will not be entertained. 

Telling the customer about the return policy is necessary. It does not matter whether you are offering the returns policy or not, a good vendor should always inform the customer about it in order to avoid misunderstanding. Each vendor has his own policy and so you should also offer yours but be sure you communicate it with your customer.  In that way, you can also end up making good customer relationship that may help you next time when you open a stall at the same place.


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