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Can I cancel my Flea Market booking due to bad weather?

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There are circumstances in which you can reasonably cancel your booking. However, this is in most cases a service that is rendered on first come first serve basis. There are stalls that have permanent stays as long as the person keeps on subscribing to the space and paying the necessary dues. In cases like these it is not possible for you to cancel your booking as a result of bad weather. That is a decision that will be made by the governing authorities and they will not charge for the booking when businesses are all closed for bad weather.

 In this regard, it is not something that needs to be initiated by you; you will only be exempted from paying for daily routine charges on business conducted. If you are not present then you will not be charged. Therefore, you can go ahead and make and inform them that you will not be opening up that day if that is a requirement.

 Generally, there are some regulations which are universal and some which are not. Therefore, in those cases where the rules are rather specific for particular flea markets but different in others, it is important that you know the rules that guide those businesses for convenience. Liaising with other businesses to get more information is very important. Otherwise, you might want to talk to the authorities to get guidance on what rules are applicable and what you are expected to do. It is rather easier to get the same information from other friendly businesses who will tell it to you all in a short time so that you conduct business with that knowledge.

Ensure that you know all that is needed early in advance so that you do not have to start making inquiries in the last minute to find out whether or not you are expected to cancel or not. That may inconvenience you in a number of ways which is not warranted. Also, make sure that you have mastered all the rules of conducting business in a flea market it will be of great use earlier on.


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