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Can I give my stock away at the end of the day if it does not sell?

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Selling products at the flea market is a task of great responsibility. Though the startup cost of this business is not that much huge, it can be initiated by anyone but it must be said that like all types of businesses, this business is not free from responsibilities too.

When you are selling products at the flea market, it is not necessary that whole of the stock gets to be sold at the end of each day. If the product you are offering is non-perishable then you can sell it the next day but if the stock is perishable, then you would be in some trouble.  Usually, the sellers have to sign contracts with the flea market operators which guide them what to do with the stock that is not sold.   Each of the flea market operators will have his own policy. Maybe he will keep the unsold item or maybe you will have to take the items back.

If the items are perishable then you can give them away but if not then you will have to take them with you as per specified in the contract.  Be sure you read and understand all the terms of the contract before you sign it. Discuss all the odds with the operator so that there won’t be any issue left at the end of the day. If the operator does not entertain the unsold stock, then you can always take it back and save it for the next sale. It is not necessary for you to give away the stock. Unless nothing is specified about giving it away or taking it, you are free to do anything with the stock.

You can also put the unsold stock on sale on eBay. If it does not get to be sold at the flea market, then the second option to sell it will be to put it on sale on the internet.  That could make you earn money from the stock that you would have given away or stored.

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