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Can I sell animals at a flea market?

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Along with selling furniture, clothes, toys and other items, nowadays many of the flea markets are also selling pet animals.  If you are thinking to sell pet animals at the flea market then it would not be a bad idea. You can go for it for sure.

The pet animals that can be sold at the flea market include puppies, kittens, parrots, rabbits, hamsters, fishes etc.  When you are about to sell these pets at a flea market you will have to take extra care of a number of things.  It has been reported that many of the vendors that sell pet animals steal animals and make them breed to produce more off springs to sell.  Moreover,   many of the retailers are found to be doing cruel practices with the animals. The puppies and kittens that are brought for sale are mostly the newborns that have been stolen away from their mothers who need their affection.  They are not even vaccinated.  Many of the retailers have taken this as an easy way to make money.  It has also been reported that many of the pets have been infected with fleas and many of them are sick too.This is a harmful thing because the diseases can be transferred to the customers and their kids and even the seller himself.

If you have planned to sell animals at the flea market then make sure they are properly vaccinated and they are free from any kind of disease.  Do a healthy business so that your customers could also be satisfied along with you.  It must be said that selling animals is a great responsibility and therefore you will have to be a lot careful regarding their sale.

On the whole, selling animals in large flea markets is a very profitable thing. You can even sell goats and ponies there.  As the markets are large therefore they will have certain terms and conditions that you will have to consider before selling.  You could even offer a little discount at the animals to attract more and more customers from around.


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