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Can I Sell Food And Drinks At A Flea Market?

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It depends with the flea market that you are dealing with. Some flea markets allow people to sell food in them but not vendors from outside the market. For you to sell food in the flea market, you have to have a booth, a reserved space where they are only allowed to sell food. You have to get a special license from the Health offices besides having a license from the licensing council. This is to ensure that you have what it takes to operate a food booth and ensure those health standards are the highest. This makes sure that food related diseases and food poisoning would not occur in the flea market.


When you want to sell food in the flea market, make sure there are no other vendors in the market and by this we mean that there are no mobile food and drinks vendors who make rounds in the market selling fThey will not only be a health hazard to the others because their preparation standards might not meet the health standards but they will steal your customers from you. This is because they sell their foods at a lower price because they have no bills like rent and legal fees to pay.


To get a larger market, you need to have small portions for those that are inside the market as vendors and those that are in the market as customers. You should also make sure that you have bigger portions for those that want to carry some to the house as they go home. Make your food as attractive as possible to make sure that they are attractive to the customers to make sure that you will always have your daily stock finished. This makes sure that there are no wastages to be carried on to the next day, which may be a health hazard to your customers.


The foods and drinks that can be sold in the flea market are; cold drinks like fresh juice, packed juices, sodas, hot drinks like tea, all types of tea, coffee and other beverages. The food includes snacks like cakes, donuts, cookies, pies, candies, salads and fast foods like French fries.

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