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Can I sell Lingerie at a flea market?

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Selling lingerie at a flea market can be possible even by a very small investment and good quality stock. It has been found that women are really choosy when it comes to buying lingerie’s for them. They more often than not prefer comfortable, neat and brand new lingerie. This is the point where the problem arises in selling lingerie in flea markets. Mostly these flea markets contain stocks which are used and can be easily available and bough in reasonable prices other than that of the conventional malls and markets. Hence it can even be a good source of earning good money by selling the used and reconditioned stuff.

Stalls of sexy lingerie are widely seen in different flea markets all over the world with reconditioned stuff like nightgowns, pajamas, undergarments and much more. Selling lingerie at cheap prices initially seems a very constructive investment but when it comes to the consumer perception and discernment it might be creating some hindrances. This is for the reason that women often find it uncomfortable and hesitant in buying lingerie in such flea markets as it is open to all and hardly have any privacy. Moreover, sometimes they are even reluctant in buying the used undergarments no matter if they are getting them in very cheap rates. This occurs may be due to the hygiene and cleanliness issues. People who are very particular about cleanliness and hygiene factors may not buy lingerie from flea markets and instead prefer getting an expensive but brand new stuff.

Hence it can be concluded from all the above stated facts that one can easily get a stall in flea markets and sell lingerie for women however, it would not be that profitable and money making as compared to initial its investment and may lead to very low customers and sales. Thus it would be much better to first gather complete insights about what customers actually prefer and demand and then design a different plan to sell lingerie at flea markets with some privacy and good quality and new stuff but with cheap rates in comparison to the market.

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