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How Much Does A Stall Cost At A Flea Market?

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The cost of a flea market stall depends on the flea market you are dealing with. It depends with the location, the venue and the time the flea market is held. It also depends with the size of the stall. The size of the stall does not always matter because some are for a specific fund drive. The amount of money that you pay for the stall will not always include the space for parking your car especially if your car is also the store where you store your items. You might be forced to pay for the parking fee for your car while others have the stalls fees inclusive of the parking fee.

Sometimes the flea market owner may decide to charge you a higher fee depending on the items that you are selling. If they are new items and the market is used to selling second hand goods, the owner will definitely charger you a different fee from the ones that are selling old goods. Stalls in high traffic areas can be more expensive than those ones that are in a less busy area. These areas are like busy shopping malls, fast foods and buildings that have public bathrooms ran by the municipal or city council because people will always visit these areas and this will result to higher turnovers to the flea market vendors.

A flea market need not be very expensive to run. You do not have to incur all the costs if you can avoid most of them especially electricity bills. You can be closing your stall once darkness starts to get in. However, this is only applicable if what you are selling does not use any electricity either for running the machines or for lighting up the store. When you are selling foods and drinks in the flea market, you cannot be able to avoid this, all you can do is try to reduce the usage as much as possible and making sure the main supply of electricity is off when not in use. This way you can conserve energy while at the same time saving that extra buck.

The cost of the stall also depends whether it is for one-day use, a week’s use or a monthly use. So it is up to you to decide which arrangement best suits you.


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