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The Top 7 Tips to Setting up a Flea Market Stall

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We already know that a lot of people love going to flea markets. It does not matter whether it is recession or if people are trying to find bargains. Flea markets just appeal to people because a lot of people like finding things that they would not find in shopping malls. Some people just love hunting down things that they can get for bargain prices. If you are about to sell something at a flea market, you should remember that it is not only about the items that you are selling but with how you would be setting up your stall as well.

For instance, even if you have a lot of items that will appeal to a lot of people, it will not matter if they would not notice your stall. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that people will notice your stall amongst all the other stalls available in flea markets:

1. be aware of how other sellers are setting up their stalls. Especially if you are a first time seller, it might be hard to figure out how you are going to arrange your stall. It would be a good idea to note how the other sellers are setting up so that you can design your own stall as well. It might be a good idea to display the items which you think will appear more to the crowd. This will make them notice you more.

2. Choose whether you would like an indoor or outdoor stall. There are some people who do not mind whether the weather is good or bad when there is a flea market. However, it would be much easier to set up an indoor booth. Plus you do not have to worry about outside forces ruining your mood. Do remember though that it is a bit more expensive to rent stalls indoors.

3. Remember that people will notice your items more if you would set them up at least at their eye level or even higher. It would be rare when people would be able to see items that are set up almost to their feet. Also, when they see interesting merchandise within their eye level, their tendency is to look at the rest of the stuff that you are selling. Chances are they would also begin to see the items that you have set up below their eye level too.

4. Make sure that your booth is attractive. It does not matter what kinds of items you would use to make your stall attractive. It can be balloons or whatever item you think people will notice immediately. As long as it would set you apart from the other sellers then that is a good thing.

5. Put more valuable items inside a looking glass counter or table. Remember that there is always possibilities that there are some people who will take advantage of big crowds to get items that they know are worth more money than usual. Be sure to put your valuable items in safer places so that they cannot take those items from you without your knowledge.

6. Have competitive prices. If the items that you are selling are expensive, it would be almost impossible for you to sell anything. You should remember that you are at a flea market and therefore, you are expected to sell items that are not as expensive as what people would purchase in a mall.

7. Set up signs that will let people know how much you are selling your items. It would give them an idea how much your range is.


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