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    Here at Texas Pepper Jelly, it is all about freshness.  By making our jelly in small controlled batches, we are assured that each jar is as fresh as possible.  We combine the freshest fruits and peppers to bring the uniqueness of our product to your table.

    Combine our fresh jelly in a unique shaped jar, a sharp crisp label, and you have the same results each and every time you place an order.  A professional product that gives you that down home feeling and homemade taste. That is something that mass merchandisers just can not do as well as we can.

    We also challenge the status quo.  Who said you only eat jelly for breakfast?  Not us, that’s for sure.  Texas Pepper Jelly goes great with any meal.  Simply put, you cannot find a product on the market today with as many uses as our jelly has to offer.  You can eat it straight out of the jar; or, use it as a secret recipe in your favorite sauce or glaze.  From toast to pork tenderloin, you will not find a more versatile product on the market today.

    Texas Pepper Jelly

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