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  • Flea Market Name: J and J Flea Market
  • Flea Market Phone: 706-613-2410
  • Flea Market Address: 11661 Commerce Rd Athens, GA 30607
  • Facebook Page:

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    If you are interested in attending the J and J Flea Markets as a vendor, here is some information you need to know;

    You do not need to make Reservations as these are not necessary, but if you would like to secure an outdoors table, this can be done on FRIDAYS ONLY from 6:00AM – 5:00PM. There is a very small fee payable at the office to reserve your table.

    Please remember that your table must be securely covered with a tarp, please note that cardboard boxes or sheets, etc. will NOT be allowed.  If you are late setting up then no reserved tables will be held after 8:00AM on a Saturday or Sunday as this is out peak time. There will be a collector who will attend your table on Saturday and Sunday to collect table rent.



    DO NOT SET UP UNDER TENTS UNTIL AFTER 8am. Saturday & Sundays.

    No cold or hot drinks and cooked or prepared food to be sold.

    Gates open at 6 a.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for dealers to set up.

    No reservations are necessary for outside or shed.

    Go directly to the outside space of your choice.

    An employee will come around to collect.

    Inside spaces are rented at office only.

    Please do not move tables or leave trash.


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