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  • Flea Market Name: I-70 Shoppers Fair & Family Center
  • Flea Market Phone: (636) 922-5900
  • Flea Market Address: 4894 North Service Rd.
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  • I-70 Shoppers Fair & Family Center

    The I-70 Shoppers Fair and Family Center is an indoor and outdoor flea market selling such items as antiques, jewelry, clothing, tools, furniture, art and hundreds of other items each week.  

    The I-70 Shoppers Fair and Family Center property has been operating since 1968. It resides on 14 acres of land and used to house an 84,000 square foot foundry that specialized in grey and ductile iron castings, machine parts, electric motor frames and oil industry components. 

    As foundry production in the U.S. began to shift overseas, we too felt the effects and were not immune. After 41 years at this location, the foundry closed its doors in 2009 and the I-70 Shoppers Fair and Family Center idea was born. We look forward to continuing the growth of our roots in the great town of St. Peters and are excited to spend many more years as active members in the community.


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