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    Based in Sterling, IL, our company has grown and branched out over the last 14 plus years.  Currently, we are located in Northland Mall in Sterling IL.  To enter our store, look for our sign on the OUTSIDE of the building, next to Bergner's.  You can't get to us from the inside.

    We offer over 80 Candle Fragrances to make your heart sing and your home smell amazing!!  Candles, Wickless Candle Bars, Tarts, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays, Air Fresheners, we can help make your home smell terrific!  

    And if it's Home Decor you're looking for?  We offer the works of almost 60 artists and craftsman, providing Country, Primitive, Farmhouse, and Vintage styles of Furniture, Wall Decor, Artwork, Rugs, a changing variety of fun and fashionable Home Decor.  

    FUNDRAISERS – We started offering Candle Fundraisers over 10 years ago! And we are still going strong!  Visit our FUNDRAISER PAGE to get the details.  Your group earns 50% of the Total Sales!

    ONLINE SHOPPING – If you want to shop, but just can't make it into the store, we do offer the convenience of Online Shopping!   Larger Furniture pieces are difficult and expensive to ship, our Online Shopping Store will be stocked with pieces that are affordable to ship to you.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to call and talk with a Customer Service Specialist.

    Most importantly?  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you'll check back often.  Follow us on Facebook, sign up for our Emailing List, or bettet yet, just stop in and say Hi!   🙂

    Bushel Basket Candle Company

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