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    The Art and Craft of Papercutting

    Easy Jewish crafts; Fun and easy craft kits

    This is the place to find the most unique Jewish crafts available. These papercuts are great ideas for crafts from grade school children all the way through seniors. They are family fun crafts which always come out looking professional.

    We have a large selection of carefully designed craft kits and simple step by step directions for you to begin cutting away. We have great arts and crafts activities packaged in three types of craft kits: scissor cuts, papercuts, and collage crafts for kids and adults. Simply choose your favorite and start!

    Complicated works of art?
    Really…Easy arts and crafts kits

    Papercutting is something everyone can do

    The most difficult part of papercutting is the design itself. It can be a challenge to create a beautiful design that will become a beautiful papercut work of art. That is what we do for you. The papercutting patterns, created by our experienced papercut artist, are made for all different levels and ages. Look around, try it, and have fun!

    Check out our many different methods and styles, there is something for everyone here!


    Craft Knife Cutting

    These papercuts are created by cutting an intricate pattern using a craft knife.

    You will learn how to cut paper with a craft knife in the in the step by step directions in our slide show. Once the cutting paper is done, you use pastels to create a beautiful background and your paper art is complete.

    Our kits range from simple to complex for every age bracket.

    Collage Art

    A Scissor Craft
    with layered paper

    The art of collage papercutting is creating a three dimensional work of art, by layering different colored shapes to form a beautiful image. Collage kits are creative way of learning the art of collage without the intricate cutting details of papercutting

    These kits are easy to make for every age.

    Scissor Crafts

    Scissor Cuts
    that look like papercuts

    Creating a scissor cut is a little different from the paper and scissor crafts you did in kindergarten. These scissor cut kits are complex papercut designs created using a scissor. Our scissor cut kits will produce beautiful results. Watch our easy to follow slide show with step by step directions and you will be snipping away in no time.

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