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How Many People Generally Attend a Flea Market?

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The numbers of people who attend flea markets are many; in fact, you cannot be able to count because people come in large numbers. That is why you should know how to place or display your items properly on your booth in order to attract the highest number of people who come to shop. If you want to work as a part time or full time vendor in a flea market, you can get great profits while at the same time disposing the items that you do not need in your house.

If you know how to display your items, you will make them look as treasure. Every customer attending a flea market will be attracted by the orderly and neat booth that leaves them with no other alternative than to stop by your booth.  Here are some guidelines on how to select the best setting:

Select your table type- Instead of choosing a round table; you should select a rectangular one. This will help you arrange and display many items on the table because the table type makes your display easy in setting it up. In addition, you should go for a sturdy table because it can hold your items in such a way that they will not fall just in case of a sag or shake.

You should know how to organize your merchandise- As you arrange your merchandise you should know that the people attending flea markets are not only interested in purchasing but they are looking for treasure. Maybe what you should do to appease them is to place some boxes that offer low value but they can mean a lot to them. As for the rest of your merchandize you can try to arrange them in a logical fashion.  

You should use levels to avoid the appearance of your items being cluttered. One way you can use is using shelves where you will be able to place different item types in different levels. If you do not have enough money for shelves, you can create your own where you can wrap cardboard boxes into different sizes with aluminum foils. You should take precautions when you place the heavy items. The bulky items should be placed on the floor just to make sure you and your customers are not in danger of falling objects.

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