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    Never bend to pick up your cane again!

    Superior Cane Tips Facts:
    This high-quality cane tip is designed for every day users and persons with special needs. It will provide extra support and reliability.  Helps prevent falls and fractures.  One never has to look for a place to hang the cane. It will stand on its own.  If it should fall over, simply press on the side of the Superior Cane Tip with your foot and it returns to an upright position.  No more bending over if your cane falls.

    The ergonomically designed base weighs only 5.5 ounces and stands on its own. It is made of a durable, specially weighted, molded rubber compound which gives you the right amount of flexibility and control.  The Superior Cane Tip gives you the confidence to feel secure with each and every step you take.

    Stability is excellent whether on grass, sand, or soft earth – typical canes may sink into the ground.

    Purchasing agents for special needs accessories are urged to contact Superior Cane Tip at: for price and availability.  You will find that the Superior Cane Tip is very competitively priced.  You will be doing your cane-needy public a service by stocking this very reliable cane tip.  Adapts to any cane.

    Superior Cane Tip Company


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