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Swan’s Elegant Period Picture Hanging Paraphernalia

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    Picture hanging paraphernalia appropriate for a Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Mission, Craftsman or Contemporary home.

    The Swan Company Picture hangers have been a part of my life for over fifteen years. There is just something about them that creates a feeling of elegance and creativity that I can't get away from. We make all of our hangers and tassels and import the lovely selection of picture hooks, some of which we design ourselves. We continuously add new designs so if you don't see what you want just ask. Some fifteen years ago I bought a lovely old "Victorian" on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. One evening, while peering into my neighbor's parlor window (quite by accident, of course), I observed a wonderful old picture hanger descending from her picture rail molding. The very next day I visited my neighbor, confessed my indiscretion and asked where she had found such a beautiful hanger. To my dismay, she had received it as a gift many years before and had no idea where to find one. My quest began and The Swan Company was created.

    Swan's Elegant Period Picture Hanging Paraphernalia


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