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    Handmade gemstone jewelry, new age treasures and gifts from the earth.


    Wicked Stones (formerly known as Renaissance Market) is a family business located in the heart of beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada. All our products are in Canadian dollars.

    We design and create jewelry such as amulets of stone and pewter, anklets, necklaces, earrings, gems for your car, stones for your windows, jewels for your pets and your favorite backpack, bracelets and chokers.  We also have a fabulous selection of Celtic, Pagan jewelry and animal talismans and totem necklaces. They are crafted from fine materials and semi-precious gemstone chips, bead and glass.

    We are also updated our website to offer a fine selection of individual semi precious stones – both polished and unpolished (rough surface).

    Each stone has its own Metaphysical properties and healing qualities. Click here for a list of some of the stones we use and their properties.  If you need a special stone you can contact us for prices and details.

    Custom designs are available.  If you see something you fall in love with but would like to add something or change a stone? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  If the stones are available we can offer you the colour and size of your choice.

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