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How I Make $100 a day Selling at a Flea Market

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Most people do not believe me but I actually make a lot of money with the things I sell at flea markets. While it is true that I first started out selling items from my own home which I do not use anymore, as time passed by, I have started searching for items which I think will sell more in flea markets.

Even though flea markets are widely popular, it is always true that there are some sellers who do not sell a lot of stuff because of a variety of reasons. It can be that the reason why they did not sell a lot of stuff is because the items are not that appealing to the crowd. It is also possible that the sellers do not know a lot of information about the items that they are selling. It is important for sellers like me to know exactly what we are selling. It would help if we have adequate information about each piece so that if a possible buyer asks, I can give information that either the buyer already knows or would know firsthand from me.

Still, there are some things that I follow to ensure that I will sell my items well in different flea markets. One of the things that I do is I research about where the next flea market would take place. Upon knowing the actual location, I would then search if it usually gets a lot of traffic or not. If it does, then I would take the chance if the rent is okay. There are some flea markets that have higher or lower stalls depending on the location. I always try to gauge first whether I would get back my capital plus my rent before embarking or signing up as a seller of a certain flea market.

Once I have signed up, I try to make sure that the items that I will be selling appeals to the type of crowd that is most likely to visit the flea market. I also make sure that the items that I am selling are cohesive. Meaning, these items can complement each other. It would be hard to sell items that vary too much because it can create a sort of confusion with possible buyers. For instance, it would not be possible to sell jewelry and fresh produce at the same time. It would be very awkward. Other than these things, I try to make sure that I can converse with possible buyers and I keep the atmosphere light. Being friendly and open to buyers will give you more traffic.


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