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What’s the Difference Between a Flea Market and Swap Meet?

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Both flea market and swap meet are best market places where you can realize big profit. This is where anyone who wants to dispose his/her items as well as anyone who want to buy used or inexpensive items comes. Well, as much as the two might sound as the same, there are some differences on how they operate. That is why you should know them in order to help is making the right decision of the type of market to use.

A swap meet gathering is not formal where you can sell or buy used items and sometimes the vendors are involved in barter. It is considered as a gathering where both buyers and sellers barter goods using actual money. On the other hand, a flea market has a big open space where it is normally divided into smaller stores or spaces. In most cases if you do not have cash, you might not trade in a flea market. A swap meet is held in certain places like parks, community centers, gymnasiums or playgrounds.

In order to get a space in a swap meet you have to seek for permission else you might find yourself in jail. On the other hand, a flea market owner rents the space for a specific period- in most cases as a vendor you can rent the space for just a day. Vendors in a flea market purchase items at low cost from people who want to sell and then sell. In most cases, vendors sell their own used items.  When it comes to in swap meets, unlike flea markets, you will find individuals trading instead of vendors.  In fact, each individual should make sure he/she brings items in the market to sell. The individuals decide on a certain date, location and time where they bring any item that they no longer use.

The main purpose of a swap meet is to clear or clean out attics, garages and basements. Every participant has equal opportunities of accessing all the items in the swap meet. The costs of the items in a flea market are relatively cheap where each vendor concentrates on making profit. Unlike swap meets that concentrate much on durable items, a flea market reserves some space for food vendors.


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