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    We welcome you to Jewelry By Major Design where you will find handcrafted, beaded jewelry made from vintage silverware by Major and Linda Young. Our featured products are: NECKLACES, BRACELETS, RINGS that can be made to your specifications. The pendants for the necklaces vary from an antique look to a shiny classy style that has many beautiful designs.

    "Jewelry by Major Design" started late in 2005. A friend of mine showed me her silverware bracelet and I was really impressed with it's beauty. I then started buying silverware and all of the necessary stuff that it takes to make jewelry. I had most of the grinding and cutting tools already in my woodworking shop so it didn't take long to get started. My wife Linda became interested in what I was doing, I think she thought I was a little crazy at first, and before I knew it, she was doing all of the beading and coming up with some great ideas. We're having a lot of fun together, finding the supplies and creating so many different styles of handcrafted jewelry. We are making a style for men and boys, so now I can wear a piece of vintage silverware. My favorite pendant is the flat spoon with the cross impressed from the back side of the piece. I really enjoy making jewelry out of family heirloom silverware that has great sentimental value to family members. Instead of hiding in a drawer or closet, it is handcrafted into beautiful jewelry that can be enjoyed every day. Our desire is to handcraft a product out of beautiful, antique silverware that has good quality, is unique, and gives great satisfaction to the customer.

    Major Endeavors Silverware Jewelry


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