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Do Flea Markets have shopping carts or strollers available for use?

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When you are going shopping to a flea market, sometimes you already have luggage with you and sometimes you have your kids with you too. When you will be further buying stuff, you will need something to place the stuff because you simply cannot carry the bought stuff throughout the market. For that you will need a shopping cart for sure. But the problem is that not all of the flea markets provide the shopping cart and stroller facility to their customers. 

This facility may be present at the big flea markets where you can pick up the cart and use it and once you are done with shopping, then you can return it and get to your car with the luggage. This sure is an easy way to shop but these carts are usually available at large flea markets as said before.  Most of the carts have a place where a baby can sit too letting the parents push only the shopping carts rather than the pushing the stroller too.

If you have the feeling that the flea market where you are going will not have the shopping cart facility then prefer not taking your baby with you. Moreover, it would be better if you bring some bag from home with you to put the merchandise that you will be buying from the market.  You may not know what stuff you like and end up buying so instead of getting annoyed by carrying the luggage in an awkward way with you all over the market you would at least have your bag that will let you move conveniently.  This sure will be a smarter option.  On the other hand, if the market already offers a shopping cart then no worries the bag would be placed in your purse folded along with other stuff.

The availability of the strollers and shopping carts on the other hand sure is necessary while you are shopping at the flea market.  It surely eases the process of purchasing and carrying the bought luggage.

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