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What Items Are Not Allowed To Be Sold At A Flea Market?

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In the flea market, you are not allowed to sell some items. This is because they might, die in this case the animals, or they might compromise with the other’s safety for example the dogs. Some people are allergic to some animals especially the dog’s or the cat’s fur and everybody’s health should be put into consideration above all things.  You are not allowed to sell live plants in the flea market because they might die in the process and some people might be allergic to some plants.

Flammable items like paint, diesel and diesel products, cooking gas and practically anything, that has made from petroleum products and they are flammable. They are dangerous, they only need something small to fuel them, the next thing you know will be a fire, and the whole place will be engulfed in smoke. It does not matter that the place is open but the flammable fumes will be all over making it hard to put out the fire.

Firearms are also not allowed in the market. There are laws that prohibit the sale of firearms and once the law gets you, you will e prosecuted in a court of law. Drugs, whether prescription or narcotic, should not be traded in the flea market. Selling any of them is a crime and you could be prosecuted in a court of law.

In the flea’s market, there should not be items that have strong smells that will be irritating to the other vendors or the customers that come in to the market. You as an individual should make it your duty not to bring in items that will be a nuisance to the other people.

There should not be software sale in the flea’s market and that includes games and music too. This is to prevent piracy and to make sure that the customers get the original software. Cigarettes and tobacco products should not be sold in the market; even smokeless to tobacco is not allowed. Alcoholic drinks are also not allowed in the market. Cable TV’s and Satellite TV’s should also not be sold in the flea’s market.


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