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Does A Flea Market Open When It Rains?

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A flea market is conducted in the open air. This is where second hand items or discounted items are sold or exchanged with other things. This name was coined from the way people moved and jumped from one place to the other in the market looking for more money just as fleas do. This is a good way to make an extra coin and buyers can items with a good bargain. We all love to buy items at a bargain and a flea market is the best place to get that item you have always wanted to buy.

These markets cannot be a one affair so they are opened one day weekly or monthly. They can also be opened seasonally depending on the availability of items that are to be sold. The flea market can have everything from crafts like homemade candles, gloves, baby mittens, table and dining room clothing to even watches. These items depend on what the vendor’s inventory will contain. 

To make good money in the flea market, you can buy items in a shop’s clearance sale and then bring it in the flea market. You will have bought your items at a throwaway price and then sell them at a higher price in the flea market and you can get your profit without much of a hassle. As you sell your items, you can give them catchy names that will get the customers’ attention and once they are in your booth or in your station, they might just be forced to buy the item.

You should have enough information on whatever product or item you will be selling such that, you will have a higher chance of explaining your products to them and this might just to decide to buy the item. Nobody wants to buy anything from a seller and the seller himself does not have a clue on the advantages and disadvantages of the item they are selling. Make your display of the items that you are selling to be attractive and catchy to the potential buyers. Let the canopies in your booth be attractive as possible.

Flea market can be open when it rains as long as you have a booth and the booth has a canopy that prevents rainwater from getting into your booth.


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