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What is Average the Size of a Flea Market Booth?

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If you are a vendor who is searching for a booth in a flea market, you must put some considerations on how to select the best size for you. At times starting a small business in a flea market is not easy especially without knowing how to go about it. Each booth has different size that affects the price you will pay per month or weekly. The size of the booth depends on the number of vendors, traffic flow or customers, atmosphere and appearance of the market, the set up as well as the products that are available in the flea market.

You should make sure that you select the best size of the booth depending on the type of items you are dealing with in a flea market. There are several types of booth as outdoor selling spot, outdoor storage container, pavilion shops and permanent vendor building. In order for you to get maximum profits you need to know how to manage your space at the flea market. First thing you should do is to reserve your booth. If you get a chance of selecting the location of the booth you want, you should consider the location that gets more traffic.

Examples are like the exit, entrance, bathrooms, and so on. Alternatively, if you do not get a chance of selecting the space you want you can try to get at the flea market on time to secure a perfect space. When it comes to selecting the best type of booth to take, you should consider the weather. You should not go for an outdoor booth if your health does not allow cold weather.

Once you get a booth, you should never keep on moving to another place; instead you should stay in the same space regularly. This is advantageous because customers will find it easy to trace your location whenever they visit the flea market. In addition, you will be able to manage and arrange your booth properly. Other points to note before you secure a booth are the regulations and the rules of the flea market. This is because you will be required to collect and pay tax depending on your sales. You should have a license that gives you permission of trading the type of items you want.


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